R & D

  • We have developed efficient R&D capabilities, broad and advanced preparation technologies and low-cost drug production capabilities that will allow us to offer high quality and affordable innovative biopharmaceutical products to patients in China and emerging markets. Within our product pipeline, we currently have three Core Products under the phase III clinical development and two other products approved for clinical trial. We own a number of patents for our core technologies, including antibody engineering and humanization technologies, efficient expression vector construction technologies, efficient clone screening technologies, as well as a proprietary research and development animal model. We focus on the research and development of monoclonal antibodies, and our core R&D team members have more than 16 years of experience in this area.

    We believe research and development is critical to our future growth and our ability to remain competitive in the biologics industry in China. Our research and development activities are mainly focused on:

    • Pre-clinical and clinical development of new monoclonal antibody drugs;
    • Developing next generation technologies relating to mAb discovery and manufacturing;
    • Research and development of biosimilar monoclonal antibody drugs with huge market demand; and
    • Continuous improvement of the quality and cost efficiency of our products.